Why does nginx reverse Proxy have poor concurrency performance?

Problem description: The hardware configuration of the front-end server and the source server is as follows. The system is centos7: CPU: E5-2696V4*2(88 threads)Memory: 64GB DDR4Hard disk: 500GB SSD (about 450M/s for read/write) Both the front-end and back-end servers use nginx, and they can test concurrency independently. After the front-end reverse proxy connects to the back-end, […]

Huawei’s net profit in the first half of the year was 6.38 billion USD, up 218% year-on-year, and R&D investment was 11.3 billion USD. What information is worth paying attention to?

As a Huawei fan, a sensible one, I definitely hope that Huawei’s business performance will be greatly improved. However, as an accounting professional, I am a little concerned about whether the profit growth brought by non-main business will be sustainable in the future after checking the synchronized changes of important items in the financial report […]