Huawei’s new Mate 60 Pro was sold out in less than an hour. What are the reasons for the popularity of this phone?

Huawei’s new Mate 60 Pro sold out within an hour! According to industry chain source: Huawei’s sales target of Mate 60 series mobile phone has risen to 40 million.

At 12:08 on August 29, Huawei directly initiated the pioneer plan of the Mate 60 series. Huawei Mate 60 Pro 12+512GB version is released on Huawei Mall, and the price is 6999 RMB ( 979 USD).

It is worth mentioning that this Pioneer Plan is not a simple pre-sale, but a full-payment pre-sale. At the same time, all the parameters of the Mate 60 Pro have been published directly without media conference.

The phenomenon of Huawei’s plummeting sales in the past few years is very similar to that of Nokia back then. They both fell rapidly from their peak, but the intrinsic nature of the two is totally different.

Nokia had a problem on the product side. The sales plummeted due to the cut in demand. If a river has no source, everything will be barren.

But Huawei is not.

The essence of Huawei’s dilemma is the node blockage caused by the political interference of the US imperialists.

If we compare the mobile phone business to a river, then the user demand is the source, and the channel is the river. Under usual circumstances, the demand flows to the enterprise along the channel, generating a steady stream of demand for the enterprise.

After Huawei was sanctioned, it was equivalent to constructing an artificial dam to block user needs. Generally speaking, when brand user loyalty is not enough, this blockage is fatal, because the demand will follow the gap outside the dam to other rivers.

But Huawei is not. The demand for other brands is finite, and a substantial number of user needs are stranded, which directly leads to a significant extension of the user replacement cycle.

And, among the users who flowed to other brands, except for Apple, the others did not form much new brand recognition and were stranded.

And Mate60 is equivalent to Huawei blasting a gap in the dam of the United States, breaking through the barrier between user needs and products, and the core of Huawei’s entire river ( produce – demande system) remains intact.

And this is the core that Mate60 can break through. The essence of the channel is the bridge between the brand side and the user side.

Based on this background, there is no suprise that the return of Huawei products will inevitably become highly welcome. The only questio left is how how popular it will be.

I don’t know the reason behind Huawei’s direct sale this time, but judging from the results, it can be considered a stroke of genius.

Because there is no marketing and material release ahead, no warm-up as well. The product that is directly thrown out like a nuclear bomb to the public causing much attention. Plus the visite of the US Secretary of Commerce to China, this wave of traffic directly breaks through the barriers of digital products and becomes a hot topic among the people, even the whole contry of China.

The ability to attract public opinion is impossible to achieve with regular marketing strategies, no matter how much money is spent.

In the field of public opinion, the greatest power has ever been a small number of opinion leaders, but the majority of the people, and Mate60 has the ability to reach the silent majority in all aspects.

Now you see, under the premise that Huawei does not invest in any media machines or marketing resources, all key opinion leaders are rushing to start. When the enthusiasm of the people is ignited, whether to follow the popularity of Mate60 is no longer a concern of interests, but opportunities.

This time, the ferment of public opinion on Mate60 is bottom-up, from ordinary people to opinion leaders, not the other way around that we are familiar with.

And, this product is highly completed, totally exceeding my expectations.

Of course, I am not saying that this is the peak of Huawei, completely breaking through the blockade of the US emperor. It’s merely that he did a lot better than I originally imagined.

Huawei’s base is the silent majority, middle-aged, business, government and enterprise, and lower-tier markets. Their understanding of mobile phones is different from that of enthusiasts, such as large screens, battery life, signals, quality, and brands, instead of SOC, CMOS, extreme telephoto or game frame rate.

In these aspects, Mate60 Pro has virtually reached the summit of Huawei’s products in recent years, with the return of Kirin SOC and 5G, including satellite calls. The key is not these functions themselves, but that Huawei has completed the core appeal of the product. It completed the last piece of the puzzle.

Personally, after using it, the daily fluency and battery life of the Mate60 Pro nearly surpassed that of the P60 Pro, which is scary.

This means that if you are not a gaming enthusiast, Mate60 Pro is a fantastic mobile even if you do not consider the so-called sanctions and brand factors.

If in the past few years, Huawei’s core users still had concerns about the product itself regarding usage habits and brand confidence when picking Huawei, Mate60 Pro has obviously, in turn, dispelled users’ product-level concerns.

For the choice of Mate60 Pro, its logic is entirely different from that of Mate50, including P60. Mate60 Pro is the first machine that Huawei has realized, in the past three years after Mate40, that users can make decisions from the product itself.

Put this way, you can probably understand where the Mate60 series is terrifying?

In other words, the first wave sale of Mate60 is solely a warm-up, rather than Huawei’s actual strength or the indication of success and failure.

When the entire Mate60 series is officially released, all channels are officially rolled out, channel combat effectiveness is increased, and marketing resources are invested in a saturated manner, what will the situation be like?

The good show has just begun, and it is far from the final conclusion, just wait and see.

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